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Tigris Project Activities

Development and Internationalisation of  Higher Education of Kurdistan Institutions (TIGRIS Project)

On November 9 and 10, 2017, a Kick-Off Meeting was held in Germany at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, the Coordinator of the TIGRIS Project. The kick-off meeting was specialised for the Consortium partners of the Erasmus+ Capacity Builing in Higher Education EU-funded project "TIGRIS" (Transfer of Good Practices & Reinforcement of Internationalization Strategies in Kurdistan). The project has been funded within the framework of the EU Erasmus+ Capacity Building program in Higher Education and aims at the further development and internationalization of the higher education sector. The EU will support it over the next 3 years (from 2017-2020) with 956,000,00 €.

In addition to the participation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) and Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR), a delegation from 8 partners Universities in Kurdistan region were participated in this meeting. These partners were (Charmo University, Duhok Ploy-technic University, Erbil Poly-technic University, Salahadin University University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani Poly-technic University, University of Raparin, and Halabja University). Each partner was actively involved in the implementation of all project activities, the dissemination of the project results, and adherence to the overall project objectives. 

Our University delegation included Prof. Dr. Salah Raza Saeed, the president of ChU and Prof. Dr. Shwan Kamal Rachid, Vice President for Scientific affair at ChU. At the first day of the meeting, Dr Shwan has presented a short introduction about Charmo University. He explained the role of our University in showing the full capacity to implement this project and cooperate with other national and international partners to introduce new study programs, joint courses, hold workshops, and conduct training sessions. Capacity-building projects in the field of higher education support the modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of higher education in Kurdistan region. We acknowledge the role of Ministry of Higher Education and KISSR, especially Dr. Pola Khanaqa for their direct contribution and coordinating the TIGRIS project in Kurdistan.


Charmo University hosted Tigris Project Workshop

posted by Kawa M. Salih
The Tigris Project Workshop entitled "Project Writing, International Marketing & the Use of Management Information Systems for Smart Administration of Internationalisation" was held from 04-06 February 2019 in Chamchamal-Presidency of Charmo University and Sulaimani-Dawa Hotel Restaurant. A delegation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and all the Tigris Project partners in Europe and Kurdistan universities participated in the workshop. At the first day the Head of International Office of Charmo University-Dr. Shelanah M. Salih opened the workshop and the President of Charmo University-Prof. Dr. Salah Raza Saeed and Dr. Uwe Muuss welcomed the participants, and then the workshop followed by many useful sessions till the end of its day.


Charmo University Welcomes an International Workshop

posted by Kawa Mirza

February 4, 2019: Charmo University will serve as host to an international workshop on Project Writing, International Marketing & the Use of Management Information Systems for Smart Administration of Internationalisation. The workshop lasts Three days. The First day of the workshop would be held in the Presidency Building of Charmo University, and Dawa Hotel Restaurant will be used for the Second and Third days of the workshop.  

The first day of the Tigris Project Workshop

posted 3 hours ago by Nasih Saaid

On 4th of February at Presidency of Charmo University with the presence of representatives of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Affairs, representatives of Tigris Project in Europe with all participating members in Kurdistan region and university representatives the  workshop on ( Project Writing, International Marketing &  the Use of Management Systems for Smart Administration of Internationalization) commenced. The President of Charmo University, Prof. Dr. Salah Raza Saeed and Dr. Uwe Muuss Opened the Workshop by giving a Welcoming speech. Following that Violeta Osouchova-The Head of Division for Strategy and International Marketing and Adam Hykl-Project Administrator made a presentation on EU Funding Scheme overview and some other related important topics.  



The Second Day of the (Tigris Project Workshop)

posted 14 minutes ago by Nasih Saaid

On the 5th of February, the second day of Tigris Project was held in Dawa Restaurant in Suliamany city. During half an hour Violeta Oouchova presented International Marketing and the importance of Social Media. Following that Jachub Motycka made a detailed presentation on (International Marketing on both Social Media and University Websites).



A Bologna Process Workshop at Erbil Polytechnic University

posted by Kawa Mirza

January 16, 2019: A workshop on "Bologna Process and ECTS System" was held by Charmo University, in cooperation with Erbil Polytechnic University and Tishk International University in the Conference Hall of the Presidency of Erbil Polytechnic University, the president of Charmo University-Professor  Dr. Salah Raza Saeed, the president of Erbil Polytechnic University- Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Sherwani, Dr. Amang Saeed as the representative of the Minister of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the president of Tishk International University- Dr. Idris Hadi participated in the workshop.

Panel discussions were started as follows:

-The First Panel: Professor  Dr. Salah Raza Saeed- the president of Charmo University talked about "Charmo University and the updated of Bologna Process".

-The Second Panel: Shakhawan Hares – a Lecturer in Computer Science at Charmo University presented a seminar under the title of "implementation approach of European credit transfer and accreditation system at Erbil polytechnic university".

-The Third Panel: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ostash - Tishk International University - entitled "Bologna process and learning outcomes".


-The Fourth Panel: Dr. Khalil Hasan - Erbil polytechnic University - entitled "Competency based education".


-The Fifth Panel: Dr. Sattar B. Sadkhan – the Chairman of IEEE Iraq - entitled " IEEE PRESENTATION".


In the end, the workshop, lasted six hours, followed by a spoken conversational exchange between the university presidents and the teaching members. Thus, many questions have been raised on the positive and negative sides of applying this Bologna System in our country, and then the questions have been answered completely.


It is worth mentioning that most of the higher ranked international universities employ the Bologna Process as an international system. This system was used by Bologna University in Italy for the first time.   


Charmo University And The Implementation Of Bologna Process

posted 4 minutes ago by Nasih Saaid

On 13th ,January, 2019, with the presence of Charmo Universiy president Prof. Dr. (Salah Raza Saeed ) a workshop was held on (Bologna Process Details ) for the instructors at General Library of ChU supervised by Directorate of Quality Assurance. At first, Dr. Salah Raza shed light on this radical reform which was started by the MHE at our university.

Afterwards, Mr. Shaxawan Hars Wadi clarified the process in detail to keep the instructors up-to-date with it. And then Dr. Kazi Hasan and Dr. Twana Saadi, who were the representatives of ChU in Finland and participated in a special course concerning the implementation of Bologna Process in Finland, put light on the key points of teaching methods in this process. At the end of the workshop, an open discussion was made among the attendees and constructive suggestions were made as well.


By: Nasih Abdul Rahman

Charmo University and Garmian University in a Workshop

posted by Kawa Mirza

Charmo University conducted a workshop at Garmian University, to guide the teaching staff of Garmian University through the educational planning process of the Bologna system. The workshop held by Directorate of International Academic Relations and Directorate of Quality Assurance of Garmian University, in collaboration with Charmo University on (24/12/2018).


Charmo University Held A Workshop To All State And Private Universities

On 12th December, 2018 with the presence of Dr Yousif Goran, minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Charm University with cooperation of ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research held a workshop to all state and private universities in Kurdistan on Implementation of Bologna process at Conference Hall, Sheraton Hotel-Arbil.
At the beginning of the ceremony, minster of higher education said it was remarkable to implement Bologna practice in Charmo university. The other universities, on the other hand, were required to pursue the same process. He eventually proclaimed, with the support of Kurdistan government and ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, that Bologna system will be approached. 
Subsequently, president of Charmo university Professor D. Salah Raza Saeed presented a seminar about the importance of this process in both English and Kurdish language. Dr Salah Raza despite of lack of staff and economic crisis in Kurdistan region, Charmo university was the first university which applied this process successfully with the help of our teachers, employees and ministry of higher education in 2017.
After that Mr. Shakhawan Hars Wadi; a lecturer at Charmo University; held a significant seminar about the implementation of this process in detail and its significance internationally as well as, Charmo’s university successful application of this process.
At the end of the workshop, which took five hours, an opening debate was held to all of the presidents and lecturers of the universities. Within the debate, many different advantages and disadvantages of this process were highlighted and all the questions were answered. After appreciating its effort, the others universities demanded help from Charmo University to implement this process in their education system.
Bologna process is an international system that is applied in many international universities. Initially, it was followed at Bologna university in Italy. And among the other universities, Charmo was the first recognized University to use this new approach, and English Language is the standard language there… 


By: Nasih Abdul-Rahman

Charmo University Participated In A Workshop Held By Raparin University

On the 11th-13th, Dec, 2018, Charmo University representatives (Dr Omed Qadir) (Mr Shaxawan Harth) participated in a (Tigris Project organized workshop) which was supervised by Raparin University, under the title of applying ECTS in KRG Universities which is part of a reform process in higher Education started by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss and prepare the KRG universities to take part in the Bologna System side by side with 28 European Universities and 20 universities outside of European Zone. The Bologna system is a collaborative Agreement for Equalizing BA,MA, and PhD certificates and this will give a better opportunity to the graduates in these countries.

The workshop presented by Mr.Marian Mc Carthy , who is well-experienced in the process of Bologna System and has worked in Havard university for ten years. The other presenter was Mr.Carlos Machado who is considered as an expert in in Europe and Mr. Jakob Heddrich , the supervisor of Tigris Project with the attendance of KRG University representatives.

It is worth mentioning that the workshop was advantageous for the universities that have used the process recently. The key points of the workshop were as follows:

1- Charmo University has taken successful steps in the fields of accreditation, workload and learning outcome which are of vital importance in implementing the process .

2- After Mr Shaxawan Harth made a presentation on implementing Bologna Process at Charmo University, He drew the attention of both (Mr.Marian Mc Carthy, Mr.Carlos Machado) and they stated that Charmo University will be able to be a pioneer for other universities which is one of the most important accomplishments for Charmo University. 

3- We were also asked by Mr Jacob Hedderich to prepare a detailed report about the difference between the Bologna process and the Classic system at Charmo University so that he will discuss it with the European Union and notify us on the result. Therefore we kindly ask you all to participate in preparing the report.

By: Nasih Abdul-Rahman