Charmo University And The Implementation Of Bologna Process

posted Jan 16, 2019, 10:24 PM by Nasih Saaid

On 13th ,January, 2019, with the presence of Charmo Universiy president Prof. Dr. (Salah Raza Saeed ) a workshop was held on (Bologna Process Details ) for the instructors at General Library of ChU supervised by Directorate of Quality Assurance. At first, Dr. Salah Raza shed light on this radical reform which was started by the MHE at our university.

Afterwards, Mr. Shaxawan Hars Wadi clarified the process in detail to keep the instructors up-to-date with it. And then Dr. Kazi Hasan and Dr. Twana Saadi, who were the representatives of ChU in Finland and participated in a special course concerning the implementation of Bologna Process in Finland, put light on the key points of teaching methods in this process. At the end of the workshop, an open discussion was made among the attendees and constructive suggestions were made as well.