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With US embassy funding, US chamber of Commerce and Center for International Private Entrepreneurship (CIPE) and Kurdistan Economic Development Organization (KEDO) 50 Students of Charmo university participated in a one year job skills development program. Also 100 students from University of Halabja and Garmyan University participated in the same program. Below you can see an online virtual meeting for the closing ceremony for all the participants.

زانکۆى چەرموو بەشدارى کۆبونەوەى پرۆژەی یونیمێدى یەکێتى ئەوروپاى کرد بۆ چاکسازى لە خوێندنى باڵاى زانکۆکانى کوردستاندا

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زانکۆى چەرموو بەشدارى کۆبونەوەى پرۆژەیەکى یەکێتى ئەوروپاى کرد

هەر یەکە لە د.صەلاح سەعید سەرۆکى زانکۆ و د.پشتیوان فەرەج بەڕێوەبەرى پەیوەندیەکانى زانکۆى چەرموو, لەنجە عاصى بەڕێوەبەرى دڵنیایی جۆرى و د. ژوان عوسمان بەڕێوەبەرى بۆلۆنیا پرۆسێس و د. ئومێد ئەمین بەڕێوەبەرى سەنتەرى توێژینەوەى زانکۆى چەرموو بەشدارى ۆرکشۆپى دوو ڕؤژەى پرؤژەى ئەپرایز بۆ چاکسازى و ڕێفۆرم لە خوێندنى باڵاى زانکۆکانى کوردستان کرد لە شارى هەولێڕ.

زانکۆى چەرموو لەم پڕۆژەیەدا بەشێوەیەکى چالاکانە بەشداربوو تیایدا سەرۆکى زانکۆ و بەڕێوەبەرى پەیوەندیەکان سیمینارى خۆیان پێشکەش کرد . پڕۆژەکە تایبەتە بە گرنگى بەلامەرکەزیکردنى زانکۆکان و شۆڕکردنەوەى دەسەڵاتەکان بۆ سەربەخۆیی و شەفافیەت و بەرپرسیارێتى و باشتر بەڕێوەبردن و سەرکردایەتی کردنى  زانکۆکان و ئامادەکردنى خوێندکار بۆ بازاڕى کار.

ئەم پڕۆژەیە بە هاوکارى یەکێتى ئەوروپا و دامەزراوەى یونیمید تۆڕى یەکێتى زانکۆکانى دەریاى ناوەڕاست لە ئیتالیا ئەم پڕۆژەیە جێ بەجێ دەکەن.

پڕۆژەکەبۆ ماوەى 3 ساڵە و هەریەکەلە زانکۆى پیتزا لە ئیتالیا و زانکۆى ئۆسلۆ لە نەرویج و زانکۆى ئیفۆریا لە پورتوگال و زانکۆى مورسیا لە ئیسپانیا لەگەڵ هەشت لە زانکۆ حکومەیەکانى کوردستان تیایدا بەشدارن.

.زانکۆى چەرموو پێشەنگى و دەستپێشخەرى خۆى کردوە و جێ پەنجەى خۆى لەم پڕۆژەیەدا دیارى کردوە ئەویش بە ئەنجامدانى نەخشە ڕێگایەک بۆ جێ بەجێکردنى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیا لە زانکۆکانى کوردستان.


Charmo University participated in European Partnership Appraise Partnership Meeting

Charmo University participated in the first partnership meeting of Appraise Project which is funded by European Union. In the two day partnership meeting with Eight local kurdish Universities and four European Universities including University of Pisa in Italy, University of Oslo in Nowrway, University of Evora in Portugal and University of Murcia in Spain and with the leadership of UNIMED in Italy met on 29th and 30th November 2021 in Erbil.

Dr.Pshtiwan Faraj, Head of IRO at Charmo University presented a speech about WP2 work package 2 which is a boat preparing a roadmap for good governance and implementation of Bologna Process in Kurdistan Universities. Also President Prof. Salah Saeed presented a speech about the importance of autonomy, accountability and good governance at all kurdish universities.

Also present was Mrs. Lanja Assi the director of Quality assurance and Dr. Zhwan Othamn the head of Bologna Process and Dr. Omed Ameen the head of Charmo University Research Center.

APPRAIS addresses governance, strategic planning and management of higher education institutions, with a particular focus on enhancing the capacities of human resources and proposing a reform for the local Higher Education system through the implementation of Bologna process.

APPRAIS project idea comes from the willingness of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR KRG) to improve and develop higher education system in Kurdistan region of Iraq. Within this logic, the MOHESR KRG has encouraged several Iraqi Universities to adopt the European education system thus to implement the Bologna process. Therefore, APPRAIS will contribute to allow HEIs in defining a roadmap for a better university governance and implementation of Bologna process in the HEIs of Kurdistan region of Iraq. Secondly, it will upgrade by means of training and CB action delivered by the EU universities, the skills of presidents, vice-presidents, heads of IROs and QA responsibles on strategic planning, quality assurance and credits recognition, as well as the capacities of administrative staff on university administrative management, quality assurance and internationalisation strategies. Finally, thanks to the harmonization phase, the piloting process of reform from Kurdistan region will be enlarged also to the whole country and each university will define its own institutional strategic plan.

The specific objectives of APPRAIS are:
-Enhancing good governance, by strengthening the definition and development of HEIs roadmap;
-Improving HEIs capacities on quality assurance mechanisms, strategic planning, management and accountability practices;
-Supporting the implementation of Bologna Process within HEIs in Kurdistan region of Iraq by improving knowledge on recognition of credits and learning mobility;
-Adopting the university reform on good governance and Bologna process at each HEIs, through the definition and validation of institutional action plans

Like any governance dimension, all the above-mentioned objectives require a strong strategic orientation and capacity to be accomplished but, at the same time, they are also preconditioning for an effective strategic planning. Consequently, the project aims at supporting each HEIs to develop their own strategies and specific action plans in order to make the governance changes possible.

For further information about this project please visit this link below:


Appraise Project Roll Up

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Appriase Project Roll up

UNIMED starts a new cooperation project on governance, strategic planning and Bologna process implementation with the Universities of the Kurdistan region of Iraq

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We are ready to kick-off the year 2021 with a new cooperation project tackling Higher Education governance and strategic planning in the Northern region of Iraq.

The project APPRAISgovernAnce, quality, accountability: a Piloting Reform PRrocess in kurdistAn regIon of Iraq, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union under the Capacity Building key action 2, has officially started on January 15th and will end after 36 months of activities in January 2024.

APPRAIS groups together 4 Universities from Europe (University of Pisa, Italy; University of Oslo, Norway; University of Murcia, Spain; University of Evora, Portugal), 8 Iraqi Universities (Salahaddin University, University of Sulaimani, University of Duhok, Halabja University, Duhok Polytechnic University, University of Garmian, University of Zakho, Charmo University), the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Reserach of the Kurdistan region and is coordinated by UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union.

The project Partners will gather online for the Kick-off meeting the next 2-3 February 2021.

The project is the result of years of cooperation in the region and in the Iraqi country, and is born thanks to the willingness of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR KRG) to improve and develop the higher education system in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. APPRAIS addresses governance, strategic planning and management of higher education institutions, with a particular focus on enhancing the capacities of human resources and proposing a reform for the local Higher Education system in the Kurdistan region. through the implementation of the Bologna process.

This project follows the engagement of the UNIMED network in the reform of the Governance of Higher Education Institutions in Southern Mediterranean countries and the Middle East, as it has been the case with ongoing projects such as SAGESSE in Tunisia, ESAGOV in Algeria, INsPIRE in Iraq and the recently concluded project UNIGOV in Palestine.

The specific objectives APPRAIS are:

  • Enhancing good governance, by strengthening the definition and development of HEIs roadmaps
  • Improving HEIs capacities on quality assurance mechanisms, strategic planning, management and accountability practices
  • Supporting the implementation of Bologna Process within HEIs in Kurdistan region of Iraq by improving knowledge on recognition of credits and learning mobility
  • Adopting the university reform on good governance and Bologna process at each HEIs, through the definition and validation of institutional action plans

Furthermore, through the training and support provided by the European partners to the Iraqi Universities, the project aims to empower presidents, vice-presidents, heads of international offices and quality managers to take the lead in the process of modernization of the HE system in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The kick-off meeting will be the occasion for Partners to virtually meet each other, share their expectations for the project outcomes and discuss about the key milestones foreseen by the initiative.

UNIMED will moderate the meeting and gather preliminary inputs by all Consortium members. Please find here the Agenda of the Kick-off meeting.

For further information, you can reach us at

Appraise Project: Needs Assessment

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Kurdish Universities performing a self-assessment on institutional governance

In the framework of the project APPRAIS, governAnce, quality, accountability: a Piloting Reform PRrocess in kurdistAn regIon of Iraq, one of the first steps is the development of an updated needs assessment on the governance practices at the HEIs in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and on the state of the art of quality assurance and Bologna process implementation. The assessment is based on a desk research and literature review on the state of the art of the Higher Education sector in Kurdistan, but the core result will be the outcome of a self-assessment exercise that each HEI from Kurdistan has recently performed.

Indeed, the study aims at identifying the current situation of the universities involved in the project (in terms of governance arrangements, quality assurance and Bologna process implementation) and the identification of specific topics to be addressed in the next cycle of training and capacity building activities.

From June 24 until July 1st, 2021, the Kurdish universities of the consortium have therefore performed a self-assessment on governance, that is an evaluation of key governance dimensions through the perceptions of the staff working at the university in strategic positions.

Each university have engaged 8 to 10 staff members covering strategic roles (the President, the Vice-Presidents, the General Director, Heads of departments, etc). who have been asked to evaluate governance looking at the degree of autonomy in taking decisions on organizational, academic and financial aspects, the extent to which they are free to decide about human resources management, the effectiveness of the institution in using management tools such as quality assurance procedures and planning tools; the capacity of the institution to use evaluation results to inform decisions; the degree of accountability of the university, and the degree of participation of internal and external stakeholders in the decision-making process and in the overall the institutional life.

To cope with the limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the self-assessment has been conducted online. UNIMED scheduled 8 bilateral sessions in the mentioned period to grant to the Kurdish Partners real-time support while filling the online survey on the governance dimensions. At the very end, all answers by each institution will be put together to have a comprehensive picture of the governance in each university of the project. Then a comparative analysis is conducted to identify needs and priorities for the HE system in the Kurdistan region of Iraq as a whole.

70 answers have been gathered from the 8 Kurdish HEIs partners of APPRAIS, among Presidents, Vice-Presidents from Scientific Affairs and postgraduates studies, Vice-President for Administrative and Finance Affairs, Vice-Presidents for Students Affairs, Directors of Quality Assurance offices, Directors of Financial affairs, Directors of International Relations offices, Directors of Bologna process implementations and several deans from different colleges and faculties.

The results of the analysis, together with the results of all the activities conducted in the framework of the Work Package 1 of the APPRAIS project, will be presented in a final Report on the needs of the Kurdish HE system. It will be the first building block of the process of rebuilding, modernisation, and internationalisation of the governance system of the higher education institutions in Kurdistan, enforcing and training institutional staff and leaders to implement well-structured management systems, meet international standards and adopt innovative governance practices.

Furthermore, all the 13 partners of the APPRAIS project coordinated by UNIMED, have gathered online on July 5th, 2021 for a Virtual Partners Meeting, to update each other’s about the activities implemented so far during the past 6 months of project life. The online meeting focused on the WP1 activity but also on the transversal WPs, from Quality to Dissemination to the Management. Here the agenda of the online meeting for further information.

Finally, the APPRAIS project consortium has defined its own visual identity by voting the project logo and the related graphic identity. You can find here the project logo that has been finally voted by all the partners.

Please stay tuned to know about the next steps about the APPRAIS project!

Appraise Project: Governance, Quality and Accountability

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سەرۆکى زانکۆى چەرموو بەشدارى ۆرکشۆپێکى نیشیتمانى زانکۆکانى عێراقى کرد

posted Nov 10, 2021, 10:59 PM by Hidayat Jamal Qadir   [ updated Nov 13, 2021, 4:44 AM ]

پرۆفیسۆرد. سەڵاح ڕەزا سەعید سەرۆکى زانکۆى چەرموو بەشدارى ۆرکشۆپێکى سێ ڕۆژەیی کرد لە ڕێكه‌وتی (8 بۆ 10-11-2021) لەگەڵ ڕێکخراوى سپارکى هۆڵەندى وبە پاڵپشتى وەزارەتى دەرەوەى هۆڵەندا لەگەڵ وەزارەتى خوێندنى باڵاى عێڕاقی و هاوبەشى زۆربەى زانکۆکانى عێڕاق و ڕێکخراوى یونسیکۆ بەشداریان تێداکردوە.هەروەها سەرۆکى زانکۆکانى سنورى شارى بەغداد و خواروو ناوەڕاستى عێڕاق لەم ۆرکشۆپەدا بەشداربوون.

زۆربەى تەوەرەکانى ئەم ۆرکشۆپە نیشتمانییە تایبەتبوون بە تەوەرەکانى ڕیفۆرمى خوێندنى باڵا بەتایبەتى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیا و جێبەجێکردنى لە عێڕاقدا، هەوڵدان بۆ داڕشتنى چوارچێوە یان فرەیم ۆرکێکى نیشیتمانى عێڕاقى دابنرێت تاوەکو ببێت بە چەترێک بۆ ڕیفۆرم و چاکسازى لە زانکۆکانى عێڕاقدا، ڕێکخراوى یونیسکۆ پێشووتر چوارچێوەیەکى نیشیتمایان بۆ زانکۆکان داڕشتوە و دابەشکردنى ئەم ناشناڵ فرەیم ۆرکە بۆ هەموو زانکۆکانى عێڕاق. 

سەرۆکى زانکۆى چەرموو وتی لە ڕاستیدا ئەوەى کە لە ئێستادا زانکۆکانى عێڕاق بەنیازن جێبەجێى بکەن، زانکۆى چەرموو ماوەى سێ ساڵە دەستى پێکردوە لە جێبەجێکردنى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیا و ئامادەکاریەکان. زانکۆى چەرموو لە ئاستێکى باش و بەهێزدایە و سەرۆکى زانکۆى چەرموو دکتۆرسه‌ڵاح ڕەزا لەگەڵ بریكاری وەزیرى خوێندنى باڵاى عێڕاقیدا  گفتوگۆى چڕیانکردوە و زانکۆى چەرموو دەتوانێت وەک دەستە خوشکى هەر زانکۆیەکى عێڕاقى ڕابسپێرێت و سەرمەشق و ڕێبەرایەتیان بکات لەگەڵ زانکۆکانى دیکەى عێڕاقدا. 

بریكاری وەزیرى خوێندنى باڵاش خۆشحاڵى خۆى بەو پێشکەوتنانەى زانکۆى چەرموو دەربڕیوە و زانیویەتى کە زانکۆى چەرموو لەو ڕووەوە کێشەى کەمترى هەیە لە چاو ئەوانەى تازە بە نیازى جێبەجێکردنى ئەم پرۆسەیەن، هەروەها باس لەوە کراوە کە چۆن سەپلیمێنت و دۆکیومێنت دروست بکرێت چونکە ئەم ساڵ زانکۆى چەرموو یەکەم گوژمەى دەرچووى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیاى دەبێت و لە ئیستادا سەرقاڵی ئەو کارە و ئامادەکاریانن، زانکۆى چەرموو لە ئاستێکى زۆر باشدایە و زۆر لە پێش زانکۆکانى دیکەوەیە 

سەرۆکى زانکۆى چەرموو لە ۆرکۆشەکەدا ڕایگەیاندوە کە لە ڕاستیدا ئەوە ناشارینەوە کە لەوانەیە ئەو ۆرکۆشە زۆر بەهێز و نوێ و گرنگ بوو بێت بەڵام هیچ ئیزافەیەکى ئەوتۆى نەبووە بۆ زانکۆى چەرموو چونکە زانکۆى چەرموو لەو بوارەدا زۆر لە پێشە و پێشەنگە.چونکە زانکۆکانى ناوەڕاست و باشوورى عێڕاق تازە بە نیازى سوود وەرگرتن و ئەنجامدانى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیان بەڵام زانکۆى چەرموو لە کوردستاندا ئەوە بۆ سێ ساڵ دەبێت ئەو پرۆسەیە جێ بەجێ دەکات. 

 سیمینارەکانى ناو ۆرکشۆپەکە زانیارى به‌سودی تێدابوو تاڕادەیەکى باش سوودى بەهەموو بەشداربووان گەیاند بەتایبەتى زانیارى دەربارەى دروست کردنى بۆرد و چۆنیەتى ڕوونکردنەوەى گرنگى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیا و بازاڕى کار چیە و ڕۆڵى ستیودێنت سەنتەر ئەف لێرنین واتە خوێندکار چەقى خوێندن بێت زانکۆى چەرموو کارى لەسەر ئەو پرسانە کردوە. 

پرۆفیسۆر. د. سه‌ڵاح ڕه‌زا  ڕایگەیاند بەشێوەیەکى گشتى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیا بووە بە ئەمرى واقیع و دەبێت لە زانکۆکانى کوردستان وهەمووعێڕاقدا جێبەجێ بکرێت چونکە ئەم پرۆسەیە کار ئاسانى دەکات بۆ ئەوەى خوێندکار هەلى کار لە بازاڕدا بدۆزێتەوە و ئەو بابەتانەش بخوێنن کە بە کەڵکى بازار و پێشەنگى کاردێت. 

له‌و ۆرکشۆپەی وەزیرى خوێندنى باڵاى تیادا بوو لەگەڵ نوێنەرى وەزارەتى خوێندنى باڵاى کوردستان و لەناو زانکۆکانى کوردستاندا تەنها سەرۆکى زانکۆى چەرموو بەشدار بووە بە هۆی ئەوەى سەرۆکى زانکۆى چەرموو لەو بوارەدا پێشەنگ بووە ، هەموو سەرۆکى زانکۆکانى بەغدادى تیادا بەشدار بوون و پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیا ئەبێت بە ئەمرى واقیع بۆ هەموو زانکۆکانى عێڕاق و کوردستان.

Charmo University President Participates in a national workshop on Bologna Process in Baghdad

Prof. Dr. Salah Saeed has participated in a three day workshop in Baghdad from 8th to 10th November 2021. In collaboration of Spark Organization and with the support of Netherland Foriegn Ministry, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Baghdad, UNESCO, and Representatives of all Universities of Bghdad and Southern Part of Iraq participated in this workshop. This workshop was about the implementation of the Bolgna Process in Iraqi universities, creation of a national framework for implementing Bologna, and facilitate reform and change in Iraqi Universities. UNESCO has previously prepared and designed a national framework and has distributed it to Iraqi universities.

Prof. Salah Saeed has reported the result of this workship and has spoken to Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj, the director of International Relations Office of Charmo University that "What the universities in Baghdad and Southern part of Iraq want to implement we have implemented it three years ago and we are soon to have the first cohort of Bologna Process graduates. Charmo University has made good progress in that regard. Prof. Salah Saeed has also spoken to the deputy of Minister of Higher Education of Iraq and they have discussed how Charmo University can assist other Iraqi universities as a sister university. President of Charmo University has also said that actually the workshop was new and useful for most Iraqi universities but for us as an implementing partner was not much new, but that the activities and the workshop was useful, timely and relevant.


Especially useful was discussion on how to create a Board for the implementation of Bologna Process, how to explain the significance of Bologna Process, jobs in the market and the role of university in preparing qualified cadre for the market, the role of student centered approach to education and how students become the center of learning and that Charmo is a pioneer in that.

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq along with representative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan has also attended the workshop in Baghdad. Prof. Dr. Salah was the only president of kurdistan Universities who participated in the workshop as he is an expert on the subject. Finally Prof. Dr. Salah said that "the implementation of Bologna Process has become a fact and that all Iraqi and Kurdistan Universities have to implement it and adapt themselves to this process.

زانکۆى چەرموو له‌گه‌ڵ ڕێکخراوى چاوى زانکۆ دەربارەى فۆکەس گروپى پرۆسەى پۆلۆنیا کۆبونەوە

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لە ڕووێكه‌وتی 6-11-2021  لە شارى هەولێر بە ئامادەبوونى هەریەکە لە د.پشتیوان فەرەج بەڕێوەبەرى پەیوەندیە نێودەوڵەتییەکانى زانکۆى چەرموو لەگەڵ  بیلال فارس ئەحمەد بەڕێوەبەرى ڕێکخراوى چاوى زانکۆ کۆبونەوەیەکیان ئەنجامدا بە مەبەستى تاوتوێکردنى پرۆسەى جێبەجێکردنى بۆلۆنیا لە زانکۆکانى کوردستان و ئەو ئاڵنگاریانەى کە هەن.
پێشووتر ڕێکخراوى چاوى زانکۆ چەند فۆکەس گروپ دیسکەشنێکى لە نێوان نوێنەرى زانکۆکانى کوردستان ڕێکخست بەمەبەستى تاوتوێکردن و گفتوگۆکردن لە سەر چۆنیەتى تێگەشتن و جێبەجێکردنى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیا و چى بکرێت بۆ ئەوەى ئەم پرۆسەیە بەسەرکەوتووى ئەنجامبدرێت بە هاوشێوەى زانکۆکانى ئەوروپا کە لە دواى ساڵانى (1999) ەوە گۆڕانکارى و ڕیفۆرمى گرنگیان کردوە بۆ ئەوەى زانکۆکان بگونجێنن لە گەڵ بازاڕى کار و دەرفەتى زیاتر بۆ دەرچوانى زانکۆ.

Charmo University meeting with Chawi Zanko Organization on Bologna Process
On Saturday 6th November 2021 Dr Pshtiwan Faraj, the director of International Relations Office of Charmo University held a meeting with the head of Chawi Zanko Organization Mr. Bilal Fars Ahmed. Both sides discussed the implementation of the bologna process in kurdistan and the challenges and opportunities this process presents to university graduates.
Chawi Zanko Organization had previously held some focus group discussions in both Sulaimani and Erbil for several representatives of public Universities and they have shared with each other their practices, experiences and what could be done to further improve and accelerate this process which is good for university graduates, the local market, and mobility of students, staff and academics.

زانکۆى چەرموو بەشدارى گفتوگۆى فۆکەس گروپێکى کرد لەبارەى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیا : ئاڵنگارى و جێبەجێ کردن لە زانکۆکانى کوردستان

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لە بەروارى 30 ى ئۆکتۆبەرى 2021 د.پشتیوان فەرەج, بەڕێوەبەرى پەیوەندیە نێودەوڵەتیەکان وەک نوێنەرى  زانکۆى چەرموو  بەشداری کرد لە(  فۆکەس گروپى دیسکەشن ) دانیشتنى گفتوگۆ و بیروڕاگۆڕینەوە تایبەت بە بۆلۆنیا پرۆسێس لە زانکۆکانى کوردستان  لەگەڵ نوێنەرى زانکۆکانى  دیکەى کوردستان لە شارى سلێمانى, هەریەکە لە نوێنەرانى زانکۆکان گفتوگۆ و ڕاوبۆچونیان گۆڕیەوە دەربارەى پرۆسەى خوێندنى بۆلۆنیا لە کوردستان و جێبەجێکردنى ئەم پرۆسەیە و ئاڵنگاریەکان. ئەم چالاکیە بەسەرپەرشتى ڕێکخراوى چاوى زانکۆ و هاوکارى ڕێکخراوى نێدى ئەمریکى لە شارى سلێمانى ئەنجامدرا 

 بڕیار وایە دواتر ڕاسپاردە و پێشنیارەکان لە دوتوێ ى ڕاپۆرتێکدا بخرێتە ڕوو و زانکۆکان سوودى لێ وەربگرن

ئەو پرسیارانەش کە گفتوگۆ و باسیان لێوە کرا و خرانە ڕوو بریتى بوون لە

ئایا بۆلۆنیا پرۆسیس چیە و ئامانجى چیە؟

جیاوازى بۆلۆنیا و سیستەمى کۆنى خوێندن چیە؟

ئایا بۆلۆنیاى کوردستان ئامانجەکانى یەکانگیرە لەگەڵ بۆلۆنیاى ئەوروپى؟ ئایا هەمان ئامانجیان هەیە؟

ئایا بیرۆکەى هێنانى بۆلۆنیا بیرۆکەى تاکەکەسیە یان لە ڕێگای لیژنەیەکى تایبەت بە دیراسات بیرۆکەى پرۆسەکە هێنراوەتە کوردستان؟

ئایا هیچ چوارچیێوەیەکى گشتى هەیە لەوەزارەت دەرچووبێت کە ڕێنماییەکانى جێبەجێکردنى پرۆسەکە ڕوون بکاتەوە؟

ئایا بەربەستەکانى بەردەم پرۆسەکە چین؟ ئایا زانکۆکانى کوردستان ئامادەن بۆ پرۆسەکە  یاخود پێویستە بۆلۆنیاى کوردستان بەخۆماڵى بکرێت؟

دەرئەنجامەکانى پرۆسەکە چیە لەسەر کوالێتى خوێندن دروستکردنى ڕابەرانى پیشەیی لەناو خوێندکارانى زانکۆ(دەرئەنجامى باش یان خراپ)؟ بۆچى؟

لایەنى چاودێر لەسەر پرۆسەکە کێیە؟وەزارەت ؟دەزگاکانى وەزارەت؟یاخود بۆلۆنیاى ئەوروپى؟

چۆن ئاڵنگاریەکانى بەردەم پرۆسەکە چارەسەر دەکرێت؟ چۆن پرۆسەکە بەرەو پێش دەچێت؟

Charmo IRO head participates in a Focus Group Discussion on Bologna Process
Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj, Director of Charmo University International Relations Office participated in a Focus Group Dicussions with representatives of Other Universities of Kurdistan in Sulaimani on Saturday 30th October 2021

The Focus Group Discussion was organized by Chawy Zanko Organization (CZO) in partnership with National Endowment for Democracy.

In the focus Group Discussion the participants talked and shared their ideas on the implementation of the Bologna Process in Kurdistan, its challenges and future work

CZO will later prepare a report about this focus group discussions and it will be beneficial for the universities regarding the challenges and rewards of Bologna

Process and its implementation in the Universities of Kurdistan. 

زانکۆى چەرموو لەگەڵ زانکۆى ئیفۆریاى پورتوگالى بەشدارى کۆبونەوەى پڕۆژەى ئەپڕایزیان کرد

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زانکۆى چەرموو لەگەڵ زانکۆى ئیفۆریاى پورتوگالى بەشدارى کۆبونەوەى پڕۆژەى ئەپڕایزیان کرد

بەڕێوەبەرى پەیوەندیە نێودەوڵەتیەکانى زانکۆى چەرموو د.پشتیوان فەرەج لەگەڵ د.ژوان عوسمان بەڕێوەبەرى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیا بەشداری کۆبونەوەیەکى ئۆنلاینیان کرد لەگەڵ هەریەکە لە زانکۆى ئیفۆریاى پورتوگالى بە نوێنەرایەتى کارلۆس گۆدهینۆ و نوێنەرانى یونیمێدى ئیتالى هەریەکە لە سیلفیا ماشیۆنى و مارتینا زیپۆڵى له‌به‌روارى 26 ى ئۆكتۆبه‌رى 2021 دا

لە کۆبونەوەکەدا باس لە کارەکانى شەش مانگى پێشووى پڕۆژەى ئەپرایزیان کرد کە تایبەتى بە چاکسازى و ڕیفۆرم لە زانکۆکانى کوردستان و ئەنجامەکانى هەڵسەنگاندنى زانکۆ کوردى و ئەوروپیەکان کەلە پڕۆژەکەدا بەشدارن. 

هەروەها باسى پاکێچى دووەمى پڕۆژەکەیان کرد کە بریتى دەبێت لە داڕشتنى نەخشەڕێگایەک بۆ جێبەجێ کردنى پرۆسەى بۆلۆنیا کرد



Charmo University Partner Meeting with UNIMED


Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj, director of the International Relations Office of Charmo university and Dr. Zhwan Osman, Director of Bologna Process held an online meeting with Euvora University representative Carlos Godhino which is a partner of Work Package 2 of the Apprais Project.

In their meeting with UNIMED, Silvia Machionne and Martina Zipoli updated their partners about the progress they have made under work package number 1 and discussed the next phases of the project, including management meeting and dissemination meeting in the next phase of this project.

They also discussed and shared their ideas about how to prepare for Work Package number 2 which is about the preparation of a roadmap for the implementation of Bologna Process in each partner university and how to benefit from good practises and previous experience of other universities.




Charmo IRO Head Organizes Raising Awareness Sessions for IDPS in Chamchamal

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The head of the International Relations Office, Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj, along with the Office of the Human Rights in Chamchamal and Independent Media Organization in Kurdistan organized and completed three raising awareness sessions on election and participation of Internally Displaced people in Chamchamal.
The Raising Awareness Sessions were implemented in both the Public Library of Chamchamal and the training hall of Office of Human Rights in Chamchamal and the sessions were completed on 3rd October 2021.
The IDPs in Chamchamal are mostly from Anbar, Salahaddin, Dyala, Baghdad who are residing in the town since 2014. More than 70 IDPs benefited from these sessions.
They discussed the role of the election, the importance of participation in decision making process, and what IDPs expect form the future parliament , especially in supporting IDPs and responding to their needs.
The activities were financially supported by United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq which have funded Independent Media Organization in Kurdistan to conduct such raising awareness sessions in Sinjar, Mosul and Sulaimani. Most of the participants of such sessions were IDPs, women and youth.
Below are some of the photos of the sessions.

به‌ڕێوه‌به‌رى په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ نێوده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كانى زانكۆى چه‌رموو سێ خولى هۆشیارى هه‌ڵبژاردن  بۆ ئاواره‌كانى چه‌مچه‌مال جێ به‌جێ ده‌كات  

د.پشتیوان فه‌ره‌ج به‌ڕێوه‌به‌رى په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ نێوده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كانى زانكۆى چه‌رموو  سه‌رپه‌رشتى جێبه‌جێ كردنى سێ خولى هۆشیارى هه‌ڵبژاردنى بۆ ئاواره‌كانى سنوورى چه‌مچه‌ماڵ كرد به‌هاوكارى ئۆفیسى مافى مرۆڤ له‌ چه‌مچه‌ماڵ و ڕێكخراوى میدیاى سه‌ربه‌خۆ له‌ كوردستان. 

له‌و سێ خوله‌دا زیاتر له‌ 70 خێزانى ئاواره‌كانى ناوچه‌كانى سه‌لاحه‌دین و دیاله‌ و به‌غداد و ئه‌نبار كه‌ ئێستا دانیشتوى قه‌زاى چه‌مچه‌ماڵن سوود مه‌ند بوون له‌ خوله‌كان. شوێنى خوله‌كان له‌ كتێبخانه‌ى گشتى چه‌مچه‌ماڵ و هۆڵى ڕاهێنانى ئۆفیسى مافى مرۆڤ له‌ چه‌مچه‌ماڵ بوون و له‌به‌روارى 3 ى ئۆكتۆبه‌رى 2021 ته‌واو بوون.  

ئه‌م خولى به‌رزكردنه‌وه‌ى هۆشیارى هه‌ڵبژاردن بۆ ئاواره‌كان له‌چوارچێوه‌ى هاوكارى ڕێكخراوى نه‌ته‌وه‌ یه‌كگرتوه‌كان و ڕێكخراوى میدیاى سه‌ربه‌خۆ له‌ كوردستان بوو كه‌ تیایدا ئاواره‌كان و گه‌نجان و ژنانى ئاواره‌ سوودمه‌ند بوون له‌ و خولانه‌.

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