Charmo University launches One-Year Academic and Vocational Diploma Study

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زانکۆی چەرموو خوێندنی باڵای دیپلۆمی ئەکادیمی و پیشەیی یەک ساڵە ڕادەگەیەنێت

زانکۆی چەرموو خوێندنی باڵای دیپلۆمی ئەکادیمی و پیشەیی یەک ساڵە ڕادەگەیەنێت. پرۆگرامی خوێندن لەسەر بنەمای پرۆگرامی بەڵۆنیا پرۆسێس دەبێت بە ڕەچاوکردنی ڕێنمایەکانی وەزارەتی خوێندنی باڵا و توێژینەوەی زانستی تایبەت بەو بوارە.

زانیاری زیاتر لەم خشتەیەی خوارەوە لەسەر چۆنیەتی بەڕێوەچوونی پرۆگرامی خویندنەکە وەرگرن


خوازیاری بەڕێز تکایە لەم لینکەی خوارەوە داواکاری پێشکەش بکە :


ڕێنمایی ژمارە (٧)ی ساڵی (٢٠١٩)- ڕێنمایی خوێندنی باڵا/ دبلۆمی باڵای یەک ساڵەی ئەکادیمی لە زانکۆ حکومییەکانی کوردستان بۆ ساڵی (٢٠١٩-٢٠٢٠) 





Fulbright scholarship for 2020

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The 2020 Fulbright Foreign Student Program is now open to receive applications until May 1, 2019This Fulbright scholarship will fund up to two years of study at the Master’s degree level at a U.S. university starting in the fall of 2020.  All disciplines and academic fields of study are available under this program, with the exception of medicine and other clinical studies.


For more information on the application process and the eligibility criteria, please visit . The Program will also be announced on the U.S. Embassy Facebook page and on AMIDEAST’s social media. There is an Iraq-specific two-pager attachment on the program.

Interested applicants can send their inquiries to

Göttingen University Workshop, Germany

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A delegation from Charmo University headed by Prof-Dr Salah Raza Saeed, President of Charmo University, and Dr Shelanah Mohammed Raoof, the Director of the International Office, is participating in a Workshop in Germany under the title of -TIGRIS Dual-Workshop on the Development of Strategies for Internationalization, Mobility and Research Cooperation & Curricular Reforms for Internationalization and the International Classroom -. The Workshop is taking place at the University of Göttingen, Germany from 19th-21st Feb 2019. The Workshop is a part of the -Tigris Project- which is a Project of Higher Education Development and Internationalization.

Charmo University hosted Tigris Project Workshop

posted Feb 6, 2019, 2:37 PM by Kawa Mirza Salih

The Tigris Project Workshop entitled "Project Writing, International Marketing & the Use of Management Information Systems for Smart Administration of Internationalisation" was held from 04-06 February 2019 in Chamchamal-Presidency of Charmo University and Sulaimani-Dawa Hotel Restaurant. A delegation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and all the Tigris Project partners in Europe and Kurdistan universities participated in the workshop. At the first day the Head of International Office of Charmo University-Dr. Shelanah M. Salih opened the workshop and the President of Charmo University-Prof. Dr. Salah Raza Saeed and Dr. Uwe Muuss welcomed the participants, and then the workshop followed by many useful sessions till the end of its day.


The Third day of (Tigris Project) workshop on 6th/02/2019

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Tigris Project Workshop on Project writing, International Marketing & and the Use of Management Information Systems for Smart Administration of Internationalization, continued into its 3rd and final day. The morning session focused on (Management Information System) and a (Case Study) presented by Adam Hykl. The Afternoon session concentrated on Q&As and individual meetings, ended with a (project Management Meeting) by all the Tigris Project pardoners. 


The Second Day of the (Tigris Project Workshop)

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On the 5th of February, the second day of Tigris Project was held at Dawa Restaurant in Suliamany city. During half an hour Violeta Oouchova presented International Marketing and the importance of Social Media. Following that Jakub Motycka made a detailed presentation on (International Marketing on both Social Media and University Websites). 



The first day of the Tigris Project Workshop

posted Feb 5, 2019, 1:25 AM by Nasih Saaid

On 4th of February at Presidency of Charmo University with the presence of representatives of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Affairs, representatives of Tigris Project in Europe with all participating members in Kurdistan region and university representatives the  workshop on ( Project Writing, International Marketing &  the Use of Management Systems for Smart Administration of Internationalization) commenced. The President of Charmo University, Prof. Dr. Salah Raza Saeed and Dr. Uwe Muuss Opened the Workshop by giving a Welcoming speech. Following that Violeta Osouchova-The Head of Division for Strategy and International Marketing and Adam Hykl-Project Administrator made a presentation on EU Funding Scheme overview and some other related important topics.     


Charmo University Welcomes an International Workshop

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February 4, 2019: Charmo University will serve as host to an international workshop on Project Writing, International Marketing & the Use of Management Information Systems for Smart Administration of Internationalisation. The workshop lasts Three days. The First day of the workshop would be held in the Presidency Building of Charmo University, and Dawa Hotel Restaurant will be used for the Second and Third days of the workshop.   


A Bologna Process Workshop at Erbil Polytechnic University

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January 16, 2019: A workshop on "Bologna Process and ECTS System" was held by Charmo University, in cooperation with Erbil Polytechnic University and Tishk International University in the Conference Hall of the Presidency of Erbil Polytechnic University, the president of Charmo University-Professor  Dr. Salah Raza Saeed, the president of Erbil Polytechnic University- Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Sherwani, Dr. Amang Saeed as the representative of the Minister of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the president of Tishk International University- Dr. Idris Hadi participated in the workshop.

Panel discussions were started as follows:

-The First Panel: Professor  Dr. Salah Raza Saeed- the president of Charmo University talked about "Charmo University and the updated of Bologna Process".

-The Second Panel: Shakhawan Hares – a Lecturer in Computer Science at Charmo University presented a seminar under the title of "implementation approach of European credit transfer and accreditation system at Erbil polytechnic university".

-The Third Panel: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ostash - Tishk International University - entitled "Bologna process and learning outcomes".


-The Fourth Panel: Dr. Khalil Hasan - Erbil polytechnic University - entitled "Competency based education".


-The Fifth Panel: Dr. Sattar B. Sadkhan – the Chairman of IEEE Iraq - entitled " IEEE PRESENTATION".


In the end, the workshop, lasted six hours, followed by a spoken conversational exchange between the university presidents and the teaching members. Thus, many questions have been raised on the positive and negative sides of applying this Bologna System in our country, and then the questions have been answered completely.


It is worth mentioning that most of the higher ranked international universities employ the Bologna Process as an international system. This system was used by Bologna University in Italy for the first time.  



وۆرک شۆپێک لەسەر (Bologna Process) لە زانکۆی پۆلی تەکنیکی هەولێر

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وۆرک شۆپێک لەسەر (Bologna Process) لە زانکۆی پۆلی تەکنیکی هەولێر


لە بەرواری (16/1/2019) زانکۆی چەرموو بە هەماهەنگی لەگەڵ هەر یەک لە زانکۆکانی پۆلیتەکنیکی هەولێر و زانکۆی تیشکی نێودەوڵەتی  وۆرکشۆپێکی لە سەر سیستەمیECTS

 و بۆلۆنیا پرۆسێس ئەنجامدا لە هۆڵی کۆنفرانسەکان لە سەرۆکایەتی زانکۆی پۆلیتەکنیکی هەولێر. بەئامادەبوونی بەڕێز پ.د.صلاح رەزا سعید سەرۆکی زانکۆ، بەڕێز پ.ی.د. کاوە شێروانی سەرۆکی زانکۆی پۆلیتەکنیکی هەولێر و بەڕێزان د.ئامانج سعید نوێنەری وەزیری خوێندنی باڵاو توێژینەوەی زانستی،  د. ئیدریس هادی سەرۆکی زانکۆی تیشکی نێودەوڵەتی.

دواتر دەستکرا بە پێشکەشکردنی پانێلەکان کە بریتی بوون لە:

 پانێلی یەکەم: پ.د.صلاح رەزا سعید سەرۆکی زانکۆی چەرموو لە ژێر ناونیشانی “زانکۆی چەرموو و ئەبدەیتی بۆلۆنیا پرۆسێس”

پانێلی دووەم: م. شاخەوان حارس لە زانکۆی چەرموو لە ژێر ناونیشانی “جێبەجێ کردنی بۆلۆنیا پرۆسێس لە زانکۆی پۆلیتەکنیکی هەولێر”، لەرێى سیمینارێکى سودبه‌خشه‌وە زۆربەوردى تیشکى خستە سەرلایەنەکانى پەیرەوکردنى (بۆڵۆنیا پرۆسێس) وگرنگى لەسەر ئاستى نێودەوڵەتى، وەباسى لەقۆناغەکانى جێبەجێکردنى ئەم سیستەمە کرد لەزانکۆى پۆلیتەکنیکی هەولێر.

پانێلی سێیەم: پ. د. احمد ئۆزتاش لە زانکۆی تیشکی نێودەوڵەتی لە ژێر ناونیشانی:

Bologna process and learning outcomes

پانێلی چوارەم: د. خلیل حسن لە زانکۆی پۆلیتەکنیکی هەولێر لە ژێر ناونیشانی:

Competency based education

پانێلی پێنجەم: د. ستار سدخان بەڕێوەبەری IEEE لە عێراق لە ژێر ناونیشانی:


لەکۆتایى وۆرک شۆپەکەدا کە نزيكه‌ى (6) کاتژمێرى بەردەوام بوو دەرگاى گفتوگۆ بۆ سەرۆکى زانکۆکان و مامۆستایانى زانکۆى بەشداربوى وۆرک شۆپەکە کرایەوە، چەندین پرسیارو پێشنیارکرا لەسەر لایەنە باش و خراپەکانى ئەم سیستەمە و گونجانی لەگەڵ بارودۆخ و ژینگەى وڵاتەکەمان، بۆ ئەمەش لەلایەن پانێلیستەکان یەک بەیەک و بەوردى و داتاوە وەڵامى سەرجەم پرسیارەکان درایەوە،

شایەنى باسە، ( بۆڵۆنیا پرۆسێس) سیستەمێکی نێودەوڵەتیە لەزۆربەى زانکۆ بەناوبانگەکانى ئەوروپا و جیهان پەیڕەو دەکرێت، بۆیەکەمین جار لەزانکۆى بۆڵۆنیا لە وڵاتى ئیتاڵیا پەیڕەوکرا.


Written by: Aras Ibrahim 


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