ChU Peer Review Online Meeting with Gottingen University

posted Aug 19, 2020, 1:26 PM by Pshtiwan Faraj Mohammed   [ updated Aug 19, 2020, 1:29 PM ]

Today Charmo International Office Relations held a peer review meeting with Gottingen University. The peer review online meeting was an evaluation of the implementation of the TIGRIS project which is also implemented by several other Kurdish Partner universities in kurdistan. Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj ,Director of the IRO office with Charmo University President Prof. Salah Saeed, the director of the Charmo research center Dr. Omed Amin, along with two students Shagul Ibrahim and Lavin Salah talked about their exchange visit to China and two other university staff members, including Dr. Lajan Muhammed Ameen and Dr. Kazi Hassan also participated in the peer review meeting and talked about their participation for staff mobility. In it they discussed the Internationalization strategy of ChU and how to implement and monitor it. Mr. Jakob and Dr. Uwe Muss from Gottingen University of Germany thanked all for their active participation in the peer review meeting.

زانكۆى چه‌رمۆ به‌شى په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ نێوده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كان كۆبونه‌وه‌یه‌كى فیدیۆیی ئۆنلاینى له‌گه‌ڵ زانكۆى گۆتینگینى ئه‌ڵمانى ئه‌نجامدا. له‌ كۆبونه‌وه‌كه‌دا هه‌ریه‌كه‌ له‌ د.پشتیوان فه‌ره‌ج به‌ڕێوه‌به‌رى په‌یوه‌ندیه‌نێوده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كان و پ.د سه‌لاح ڕه‌زا سه‌رۆكى زانكۆ و د. ئومێد ئه‌مین سه‌رۆكى سه‌نته‌رى توێژینه‌وه‌یه‌كى زانكۆ و دوو خوێندكار و دوو كارمه‌ندى زانكۆ و به‌شى په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ نێوده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كان به‌شدارى ئه‌و كۆبونه‌وه‌یان كرد.
كۆبونه‌وه‌كه‌ تایبه‌ت بوو به‌ هه‌ڵسه‌ندگاندنى پڕۆژه‌ى تایگریس كه‌ فه‌ند كراوه‌ له‌لایه‌ن یه‌كێتى ئه‌وروپا وه‌ و له‌ ساڵى 2018 ه‌وه‌ له‌ كوردستان جێ به‌جێ ده‌كرێت. ئامانج له‌م پڕۆژه‌یه‌ به‌نێوده‌وڵه‌تیكردنى زانكۆكانى كوردستانه‌ و پڕۆژه‌كه‌ هاوكار بووه‌ له‌وه‌ى كه‌ زانكۆى چه‌رمۆ و زانكۆ به‌شداربوه‌كانى دیكه‌ى كوردستان ستراتیژى نێوده‌وڵه‌تى خۆیان بۆ چوار ساڵى ئاینده‌ بنوسنه‌وه‌ و كارى پێ بكه‌ن. زانكۆى چه‌رمۆ ئێستا ستراتیژى نێوده‌وڵه‌تى خۆى هه‌یه‌ و بڕیاڕ وایه‌ تا ساڵى 2024 جێ به‌جێ بكرێت. له‌ هه‌ڵسه‌ندگاندنه‌كه‌دا دوو خوێنكارى به‌تواناى زانكۆى چه‌رمۆ شاگوڵ ابراهيم و لاڤين سةلاح به‌شدار بوون و باسى ئه‌زمونى ئاڵوگۆڕى خۆیان كرد بۆ وڵاتى چین. هه‌روه‌ها هه‌ریه‌كه‌ له‌ لاجان محمد امين به‌ڕێوه‌به‌رى كوالیتى ئه‌شوه‌ره‌نس و دكتۆره‌ كه‌زى حةسةن كه‌ سه‌ردانى وڵاتى ئةلَمانيا و فینله‌ندايان كردبوو بۆ ڕاهێنان  باسیان له‌و ئه‌زمونه‌ى خۆیان كرد له‌گه‌ڵ سه‌رنج و تێبینیه‌كانیان سه‌باره‌ت به‌ و خزمه‌تگوزاریانه‌ى كه‌ به‌شى په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ نێوده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كان پێشكه‌ش به‌ خوێندكار و كارمه‌ند و مامۆستایانى ده‌كات وه‌ك كارئاسانكارى له‌ وه‌رگرتنى فیزا و نامه‌ى پشتگیرى بۆ وه‌رگرتنى فه‌ند و مینحه‌ى توێژینه‌وه‌ و چه‌ندین كاری ترى په‌یوه‌ندیدار بۆ به‌نێوده‌وڵه‌تیكردنى زانكۆكه‌. له‌ میانه‌ى ئه‌و چاوپێكه‌وتنه‌كدا جاكۆب هیده‌بیرگ و دكتۆر ئۆڤه‌ر موسیش ده‌ستخۆشى و سوپاسى زانكۆى چه‌رمۆیان كرد بۆ به‌شداریكردن  له‌و كۆبونه‌وه‌یه‌دا.

خوڵى ڕاوكردنى كار بۆ ده‌رچوانى زانكۆى چه‌رمۆ ئه‌نجام درا

posted Jul 20, 2020, 2:21 PM by Pshtiwan Faraj Mohammed

Job Hunting Skills for Fresh Graduates of Charmo University

The IRO office of Charmo University together with the support of CDC held a virtual training for Charmo University fresh graduates on 18th-19th July 2020.
The training was taught by Ranjdar Khalid Grawi, a TOT trainer and author of many relevant books on Job hunting skills and leadership. The fresh graduates actively participated in the two day training of which they will be awarded a professional certificate for their attendance.

خوڵى ڕاوكردنى كار بۆ ده‌رچوانى زانكۆى چه‌رمۆ ئه‌نجام درا
به‌شى په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ نێوه‌ ده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كانى و به‌شى پێشه‌نگكارى زانكۆى چه‌رمۆ به‌هاوكارى ڕاهێنه‌رى و نوسه‌رى به‌توانا ڕه‌نجده‌ر خالد گراوى خولێكى دوو ڕۆژه‌یان بۆ تازه‌ ده‌رچوانى زانكۆى چه‌رمۆ سازدا له‌ به‌روارى 18 و 19 ى ته‌موزى 2020 و ئه‌وانه‌ى كه‌ به‌شدارى خوله‌كه‌ بوون بڕوانامه‌ى به‌شداریكردنیان پێشكه‌ش ده‌كرێت.

Charmo University attends a webinar with University of Kurdistan/Iran

posted Jun 30, 2020, 2:44 PM by Pshtiwan Faraj Mohammed   [ updated Jun 30, 2020, 2:51 PM ]

Charmo University along with ten other Kurdistan Region Universities participated in an online webinar today from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm on June 30th 2020.

Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj, Director of International Relations Office of Charmo University attended a webinar which was prepared by  the University of Kurdistan/Iran along with ten other Kurdish universities in kurdistan region of Iraq.

Dr. Pshtiwan thanked the President of the University of Kurdistan and directors of international office for their engaging, useful and active participation in today’s online meeting.

Both universities received lots of nice suggestions on different topics of the meeting agenda and how to develop mutual collaboration together. 

having such meetings and close discussions will help developing more collaboration between our universities. Charmo University indicated that our academic institute is ready to engage with and that University of Kurdistan was also much interested to develop cooperation with KRG universities in different aspects.

 As was mentioned in the meeting, a report on today’s online is coming soon.

Below you will find some photos taken during and at the end of our meeting:

Charmo IRO awarded an international Certificate for Conference Interpretation

posted May 16, 2020, 9:35 AM by Pshtiwan Faraj Mohammed

Dr.Pshtiwan Faraj is awarded a certificate for International Interpretation Certificate

Charmo IRO head Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj successfully completed KUDO Conference Interpretation Certificate and become a KUDO Certified Interpreter. Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj has 15 years of experience of international conference interpretations with dozens of International NGOs operating in Iraq and also with dozens of UN agencies. He is one of the most recognized interpreter in Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

دكتۆر پشتیوان فه‌ره‌ج بڕوانامه‌ى نێوده‌وڵه‌تى وه‌رگێڕانى كۆنفرانسه‌ نێوده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كانى وه‌رگرت

د. پشتیوان به‌ڕێوه‌به‌رى په‌یوه‌ندیه‌ نێوده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كانى زانكۆى چه‌رمۆ ئه‌مڕۆ بڕوانامه‌ى كۆدۆى وه‌رگرت وه‌ك یه‌كێك له‌ چالاكترین وه‌ڕگێڕه‌كانى كوردستان و عێڕاق

كودۆ یه‌كێكه‌ له‌باشترین ئاژانسه‌كانى وه‌رگێڕان بۆ نه‌ته‌وه‌ یه‌كگرتوه‌كان و ڕێكخراوه‌ نێوده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كان و  چه‌ندین حكومه‌ت و وڵاتانى به‌هێز له‌وانه‌ش ئه‌مریكا و مه‌كسیك و به‌رازیل و ئه‌ڵمانیا و به‌ریتانیاو به‌لجیكا و فه‌ره‌نسا و چین و یۆنان و ئیكوادر

Charmo IRO Trains at Masaryk University

posted May 16, 2020, 9:27 AM by Pshtiwan Faraj Mohammed

Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj attended a one week training at the International Relations Office of Masaryk University in the Czech Republic from 07 March 2020 to 14 March 2020.

Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj posing for a photo in front of the main International Relations Office of Masaryk University with the statue of President of Czech Republic behind.

Charmo Delegate train at University of Göttingen in Germany

posted May 16, 2020, 9:22 AM by Pshtiwan Faraj Mohammed

A Delegation of Charmo University participates in a training course at the International University of Göttingen in Germany

A Delegation of Charmo University participates in a training course under the title “TIGRIS Training Workshop for International Relations: Managers and Officers.” This training is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Program of the European Union and hosted by the University of Göttingen (an internationally renowned research university of Germany) in Germany from 02-13 of March 2020.


This project has been awarded by EU co-funding within the framework of the ERASMUS+ Program, aimed to build capacity in the field of higher education, which implements two parts. 

The first week of the workshop will focus on training the directors and officers of international offices of the universities while in the second week, it will concentrate on preparing the officers.



Charmo University launches One-Year Academic and Vocational Diploma Study

posted Nov 22, 2019, 10:50 AM by Pshtiwan Faraj Mohammed

زانکۆی چەرموو خوێندنی باڵای دیپلۆمی ئەکادیمی و پیشەیی یەک ساڵە ڕادەگەیەنێت

زانکۆی چەرموو خوێندنی باڵای دیپلۆمی ئەکادیمی و پیشەیی یەک ساڵە ڕادەگەیەنێت. پرۆگرامی خوێندن لەسەر بنەمای پرۆگرامی بەڵۆنیا پرۆسێس دەبێت بە ڕەچاوکردنی ڕێنمایەکانی وەزارەتی خوێندنی باڵا و توێژینەوەی زانستی تایبەت بەو بوارە.

زانیاری زیاتر لەم خشتەیەی خوارەوە لەسەر چۆنیەتی بەڕێوەچوونی پرۆگرامی خویندنەکە وەرگرن


خوازیاری بەڕێز تکایە لەم لینکەی خوارەوە داواکاری پێشکەش بکە :


ڕێنمایی ژمارە (٧)ی ساڵی (٢٠١٩)- ڕێنمایی خوێندنی باڵا/ دبلۆمی باڵای یەک ساڵەی ئەکادیمی لە زانکۆ حکومییەکانی کوردستان بۆ ساڵی (٢٠١٩-٢٠٢٠) 





Fulbright scholarship for 2020

posted Feb 20, 2019, 10:27 PM by Nasih Saaid   [ updated Feb 20, 2019, 10:32 PM ]

The 2020 Fulbright Foreign Student Program is now open to receive applications until May 1, 2019This Fulbright scholarship will fund up to two years of study at the Master’s degree level at a U.S. university starting in the fall of 2020.  All disciplines and academic fields of study are available under this program, with the exception of medicine and other clinical studies.


For more information on the application process and the eligibility criteria, please visit . The Program will also be announced on the U.S. Embassy Facebook page and on AMIDEAST’s social media. There is an Iraq-specific two-pager attachment on the program.

Interested applicants can send their inquiries to

Göttingen University Workshop, Germany

posted Feb 20, 2019, 2:07 AM by Nasih Saaid   [ updated Feb 20, 2019, 11:41 PM ]

A delegation from Charmo University headed by Prof-Dr Salah Raza Saeed, President of Charmo University, and Dr Shelanah Mohammed Raoof, the Director of the International Office, is participating in a Workshop in Germany under the title of -TIGRIS Dual-Workshop on the Development of Strategies for Internationalization, Mobility and Research Cooperation & Curricular Reforms for Internationalization and the International Classroom -. The Workshop is taking place at the University of Göttingen, Germany from 19th-21st Feb 2019. The Workshop is a part of the -Tigris Project- which is a Project of Higher Education Development and Internationalization.

Charmo University hosted Tigris Project Workshop

posted Feb 6, 2019, 2:37 PM by Kawa Mirza Salih

The Tigris Project Workshop entitled "Project Writing, International Marketing & the Use of Management Information Systems for Smart Administration of Internationalisation" was held from 04-06 February 2019 in Chamchamal-Presidency of Charmo University and Sulaimani-Dawa Hotel Restaurant. A delegation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and all the Tigris Project partners in Europe and Kurdistan universities participated in the workshop. At the first day the Head of International Office of Charmo University-Dr. Shelanah M. Salih opened the workshop and the President of Charmo University-Prof. Dr. Salah Raza Saeed and Dr. Uwe Muuss welcomed the participants, and then the workshop followed by many useful sessions till the end of its day.


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