Charmo University And The Implementation Of Bologna Process

posted Jan 16, 2019, 10:24 PM by Nasih Saaid

On 13th ,January, 2019, with the presence of Charmo Universiy president Prof. Dr. (Salah Raza Saeed ) a workshop was held on (Bologna Process Details ) for the instructors at General Library of ChU supervised by Directorate of Quality Assurance. At first, Dr. Salah Raza shed light on this radical reform which was started by the MHE at our university.

Afterwards, Mr. Shaxawan Hars Wadi clarified the process in detail to keep the instructors up-to-date with it. And then Dr. Kazi Hasan and Dr. Twana Saadi, who were the representatives of ChU in Finland and participated in a special course concerning the implementation of Bologna Process in Finland, put light on the key points of teaching methods in this process. At the end of the workshop, an open discussion was made among the attendees and constructive suggestions were made as well.


Charmo University and Garmian University in a Workshop

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Charmo University conducted a workshop at Garmian University, to guide the teaching staff of Garmian University through the educational planning process of the Bologna system. The workshop held by Directorate of International Academic Relations and Directorate of Quality Assurance of Garmian University, in collaboration with Charmo University on (24/12/2018).


Charmo University Held A Workshop To All State And Private Universities

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Charmo University Held A Workshop To All State And Private Universities

On 12th December, 2018 with the presence of Dr Yousif Goran, minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Charm University with cooperation of ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research held a workshop to all state and private universities in Kurdistan on Implementation of Bologna process at Conference Hall, Sheraton Hotel-Arbil.
At the beginning of the ceremony, minster of higher education said it was remarkable to implement Bologna practice in Charmo university. The other universities, on the other hand, were required to pursue the same process. He eventually proclaimed, with the support of Kurdistan government and ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, that Bologna system will be approached. 
Subsequently, president of Charmo university Professor D. Salah Raza Saeed presented a seminar about the importance of this process in both English and Kurdish language. Dr Salah Raza despite of lack of staff and economic crisis in Kurdistan region, Charmo university was the first university which applied this process successfully with the help of our teachers, employees and ministry of higher education in 2017.
After that Mr. Shakhawan Hars Wadi; a lecturer at Charmo University; held a significant seminar about the implementation of this process in detail and its significance internationally as well as, Charmo’s university successful application of this process.
At the end of the workshop, which took five hours, an opening debate was held to all of the presidents and lecturers of the universities. Within the debate, many different advantages and disadvantages of this process were highlighted and all the questions were answered. After appreciating its effort, the others universities demanded help from Charmo University to implement this process in their education system.
Bologna process is an international system that is applied in many international universities. Initially, it was followed at Bologna university in Italy. And among the other universities, Charmo was the first recognized University to use this new approach, and English Language is the standard language there… 


Bologna System Was Officially Approved At Charmo University By The Ministry Of Higher Education & Scientific Research

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Bologna system was officially approved by the ministry of higher education and scientific research according to the ministerial decree No (7) issued on 7/1/2019. It is worth noting that Charmo University implements the Bologna System side by side with 50 European countries.

The message of Charmo University President...

On this occasion, I would like to express my appreciation to all the Instructors, employees and students of our university. Charmo University is the pioneer for other KRG universities in carrying out this educational reform supported by (Dr. Yousif Goran), minister of Higher Education. This way, Charmo University has prepared an academic guidelines of the process and submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) / Directorate of Quality Assurance and distributed to all the National and Private Universities following a joint-workshop held by (MHE) and Charmo University.

Charmo University shares its experience with other universities...

Charmo University goes on holding workshops for Kurdistan Universities including Raparin, Garmyan, Salahaddin and Sulaimani Universities. In this regard, our university is ready to help all the universities to make this major reform in Higher Education in (PhD, Master and BA) programs in order to be a member in the Global Higher Education Network and provide a frame for Higher Education similar to European and Malaysian Frames.


Charmo University Participated In A Workshop Held By Raparin University

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On the 11th-13th, Dec, 2018, Charmo University representatives (Dr Omed Qadir) (Mr Shaxawan Harth) participated in a (Tigris Project organized workshop) which was supervised by Raparin University, under the title of applying ECTS in KRG Universities which is part of a reform process in higher Education started by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The purpose of the workshop was to discuss and prepare the KRG universities to take part in the Bologna System side by side with 28 European Universities and 20 universities outside of European Zone. The Bologna system is a collaborative Agreement for Equalizing BA,MA, and PhD certificates and this will give a better opportunity to the graduates in these countries.

The workshop presented by Mr.Marian Mc Carthy , who is well-experienced in the process of Bologna System and has worked in Havard university for ten years. The other presenter was Mr.Carlos Machado who is considered as an expert in in Europe and Mr. Jakob Heddrich , the supervisor of Tigris Project with the attendance of KRG University representatives.

It is worth mentioning that the workshop was advantageous for the universities that have used the process recently. The key points of the workshop were as follows:

1- Charmo University has taken successful steps in the fields of accreditation, workload and learning outcome which are of vital importance in implementing the process .

2- After Mr Shaxawan Harth made a presentation on implementing Bologna Process at Charmo University, He drew the attention of both (Mr.Marian Mc Carthy, Mr.Carlos Machado) and they stated that Charmo University will be able to be a pioneer for other universities which is one of the most important accomplishments for Charmo University. 

3- We were also asked by Mr Jacob Hedderich to prepare a detailed report about the difference between the Bologna process and the Classic system at Charmo University so that he will discuss it with the European Union and notify us on the result. Therefore we kindly ask you all to participate in preparing the report.


کۆنفڕانسێک لە زانکۆى گەرمیان Conference at Garmian University

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A conference would be organised by Garmian University on "Language and The Human Sciences" on 13-14/3/2019. 
زانکۆى گەرمیان هەڵدەستێت بە سازدانى کۆنفڕانسێک لە بوارى ( زمان و زانستە مرۆییەکان) لە بەروارى ١٣-١٤/ ٣/ ٢٠١٩. 


25 PhD Scholarships at Warwick University, UK

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The University of Warwick, UK is awarding 25 Chancellor's International Scholarships to the most outstanding International PhD applicants. The awards are made for Autumn 2018 which will include both of the following: 
  •  The full payment of overseas fees ( worth up to £22,860) for 3.5 years
  • A maintenance stiped in line with UKRI rates ( Provisional £15,044 for a full time award holders   
- For more information please see the attached files below...

٢٥ کورس دکتۆرا - سکۆڵەرشیپ - زانکۆى واڕویک UK

- زانکۆى واڕویک UK - ٢٥ کورسى سکؤڵەرشیپ, PhD ڕادەگەیێنێت بۆ خوێندکارانى بەتواناى نێودەوڵەتى.  پێویستە داواکارى پێشکەش بکرێت لە پایزى ئەمساڵدا بۆ هەر کاندیدێک  کە  ئارەزوى پێشبڕکێکەى هىیە. Deadline for application is 18/01/2019    
  • بۆزانیارى زیاتر بفەرموون بە دیقەتدانى ئەم هاوپێچانەى خوارەوە: 

خولى مەشق وراهێنان لە وولاتى هیند- Training courses in India

posted Jul 17, 2018, 1:37 AM by Shelanah MohammedRaoof Salih   [ updated Jul 22, 2018, 1:00 AM by Araz Ibrahim Mstafa ]

We would like to inform you that in the framework of human Cooperation, the Indian government, in collaboration with the Department of International Relations of Kurdistan Regional Government, has offered (40) sets of training courses in the fields of accountancy, IT management, English Language, Development, Management, Bank and Finance – to the governmental sector employees.

For the terms and conditions on time and field of study and other information, please visit the link below:

( )

The deadline for submission is 22/7/2018. 

The General Terms and Conditions:

1-The candidate has to be between 25-40 years old.

2-The candidate should fill in the application form on the main website. Print his/her names as it appears on his/her passport. Following that the form has to be printed and signed. A recent passport-size photo has to be affixed to the form and with the required documents, has to be sent to the general consulate through the KRG Department of International Relations.

3- The candidate has to send a recent medical certificate from one of the Governmental hospitals, with a doctor's full-name, signature, phone number and email address.

4-The candidates should have good information on English language, as the candidate has to be present in the consulate for a short English language test.

5-The accepted candidates will be informed to visit the Indian Consulate for Visa and Travel Tickets. 

6- The Indian Government provides the travel tickets and residence fees.    

زانكوَى چةرموو-بەرێوەبەرێتى پەیوەندییە نێودەولەتييەكان 

بەڕێزتان ئاگادار دەکەینەوە کە لە چوارچێوەی هاوکاری و هەماهەنگی مرۆییدا ، حکومەتی هیندستان لە ڕێگەی فەرمانگەی پەیوەندییەکانی دەرەوەی هەرێمی کوردستان (٤٠) کورسی ڕاهێنانی لە بوارەکانی ژمێریاری ، کارگێری تەکنەلۆجیای زانیاری ، زمانی ئینگلیزی ، پەرەپێدان و بەڕێوەبردن و وردبینی و بانک و دارایی ، بۆ فەرمانبەرانی حکومەتی هەرێمی کوردستان تەرخانکردووە هەروەکو نوسراوی سەرۆکایەتی ئەنجومەنی وەزیران دا بە نوسراوی ژمارە (٢٥٨٥) لە (٤/٦/٢٠١٨ ) دا. 

مەرجە گشتی و تایبەتەکانی هەر خولێک لە خوارەوە ئاماژەیان پێکرواە سەبارەت بە زانیاری تەواو لەسەر کات و بابەت و مەرجەکانی تریش سەردانی ئەم وێب سایتە بکەن 


تکایە بەرواری ( ٢٢ / ٧ / ٢٠١٨) دوا کاته بۆپێشکەش کردن. 

مەرجە گشتییەکان : 

١. پێویستە تەمەنی کاندیدکراو لە نێوان ٢٥ ساڵی بۆ ٤٥ ساڵی دا بێت 

٢. پێویستە کاندیدکراو فۆڕمی بەشداری کردن لە ڕێگەی ماڵپەڕی سەرەوە پڕ بکاتەوە ناوی هەر وەک چۆن لە پاسپۆڕت هاتووە بنوسرێت دوای پڕکردنەوەی فۆڕمەکە پێویستە فۆڕمەکە چاپ بکرێت و واژووی خۆی لەسەر بکات و لە گەڵ چەسپاندنی وێنەیەکی تازە و ناردنی بەڵگەنامەکان بۆ قونسوڵگەری لە ڕێگەی فەرمانگەی پەیوەندییەکانی دەروەو 

٣. کاندید دەبێت بەڵگەنامەی شیاوی تەندروستی بنێرێت لە لایەن هەر نەخۆشخانەیەکی حکومی کە تیایدا ناوی تەواوی پزیشک و واژوو و ژمارەی تەلەفۆن و ئیمەیڵی تێدا نوسرابێت 

٤. پێویستە کاندید زانیاری تەواوی لەسەر زمانی ئینگلیزی هەبێت ، لەبەر ئەوەی هەر کاندیدێک دەبێت لە قونسوڵگەری ئامادە بێت بۆ چاوپێکەوتنی کورتی زمانی ئینگلیزی 

٥. هەر کاندیدێک لە لایەن دەزگای هیندستان قبوڵکرا ئاگادار دەکرێتەوە بۆ ئەوەی سەردانی قونسوڵگەری بکات بۆ تەواو کردنی کارەکانی ڤیزە و بلیتی فڕۆکە
٦. حکومەتی هیندستان بلیتی فڕۆکە بۆ چوون و هاتن لەگەڵ شوێنی حەوانەوە دەبین دەکات 

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