The International Office takes required functions regarding the international relations and internationalisation of Charmo University.

We basically advocate to:

- Establish relationships with universities worldwide.

- Work on the internationalisation strategy of Charmo University.

- Organise and advise the academic staff of Charmo University on study abroad.

- Welcome and support services for international university members.  


Internationalization needs to be: − comprehensive − context- and goal-oriented − professionally managed by university leadership. Action steps towards internationalization and their implementation is to promote international education as a core value of the University and to integrate internationalization fully into current and future strategic institutional objectives and initiatives, and thus to move the University to the next level of internationalization. Improvement of incoming and outgoing mobility of students and staff, international projects, services and structures to support internationalization. Internationalization needs to be evaluated on the basis of the institutional profile and the goals of a university (fitness for purpose). The various driving forces for internationalization need to be acknowledged.


The International Office is involved in the implementation of the internationalization strategy through developing new and innovative education programmes at Charmo University that finally serve to improve the quality of education in Kurdistan region. The main goal is to promote programmes for internationalization (higher education projects, international teaching, mobility programmes) for students, academics, researchers and general staff.
The primary task of the International Office is the management of mobility programmes that prepare students to be globally competent. Develop advanced strategic policies regarding the internationalization of education, collaborative research, academic mobility, and international student services within Kurdistan which will bring our university closer to their European counterparts.

Below you will find the recently adopted International Strategy of Charmo University. This poster is created by Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj