A brief guide to the Internationalization Strategy of ChU

 The  Internationalization  Strategy  proposed  for  the  period

2020-2024  starts  from  and  supports  the  Charmo

University’s vision that …

“…innovative and forward thinking beyond national limits as

well as global cooperation with foreign partners will enable

Charmo  University  to  become  a  well-establish  higher

education  institution,  which  is  internationally

recognized  for  its  quality  education  &  research,

openness, and social engagement.”


ChU Int. Strategy focuses on five key themes:



*      Improving the quality of education,

*       Improving the quality of research,

*       Preparing students for a globalized world,

*       Ensuring the global visibility of Charmo University and what is stands for

*      Enhancing the university’s capacity to serve and support the community



How ChU will internationalize:


By  establishing,  developing  and  maintaining  effective

international  partnerships  and  working  collaboratively

across the institution to foster and raise the university’s


 By setting up a new International Relations Office to

provide a central point for co-ordination of partnerships

and knowledge sharing about our international

relationships and activities.


How ChU improves the quality of Education:


*      implementing the Bologna Process and ECTS,

*      recruiting highly qualified academics and staff (both, local, national and international)

*      increasing academic mobility for students and staff


How ChU improves the quality of research:


*      establishing a dedicated research center, attractive also for foreign researchers (Dr. Omed will talk more about the research center

*      developing joint international research projects as well as a network for international research cooperation

*      sending researchers and scientists abroad for trainings

*      focusing on scientific methodology and improving research skills as well as for conducting timely, relevant and quality research


How we prepare students for a globalized world:


*      internationalizing the curriculum

*      increase the percentage of outgoing and incoming international students and staff actively involved in Internationalization-at-Home-activities.

*      explore the concept and opportunities of virtual mobility e.g. by hosting online-seminars using modern technologies.


How ChU ensures its global visibity:


*      introducing a focus on global issues in research conducted and publicizing and presenting findings to an international audience in well respected journals

*      engaging in pioneering activities and building a unique portfolio of educational programs and departments, where possible with international partners

*      enhancing the quality of the university’s website by contracting external web-development experts, and

*      implementing capacity-building program for the university’s IT, media and advertisement staff

How ChU will enhance serving and supporting the community:


*      increasing the universities community engagement by organising events such as conferences and workshops for the public addressing key societal issues and involving international students, staff and foreign experts

*      introducing a focus on social engagement and volunteering in academic mobility and stays abroad

What are ChU Internal enablers for Internationalization:

*      Most of the university’s lecturers are educated abroad

*      International Office is established but needs sufficient dedicated staff

*      A dynamic and active Career Development Centre

*      A broad range of institutional links with MHESR and NGOs and Businesses

*      An internationally focused curriculum, implementation of Bologna Process

*      International student recruitment (UG and PG)

*      Staff and student exchange

*      Senior management support and leadership

*      Research collaborations



What are the barriers for internationalization of ChU:

*      Limited resources both human and financial

*      Low visibility of Kurdish and Iraqi higher education abroad

*      Regional and national stability

*      Existing travel restrictions for Iraq in many countries of the world limiting academic mobility

*      Travel restrictions for Iraqi citizens due to visa requirements

*      Complicated and over-bureaucratic procedures

*      Managing cultural differences

*      Lacking English language proficiency of students and staff


How ChU measures its success:


*      Institutional monitoring and reporting according to  indicators and benchmarks developed in Internationalization strategy

*      Conducting Student surveys and student satisfaction

*      Admission and progression data

*      Budgetary data

*      Staff data and surveys

*      Assessment of our brand awareness abroad